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Imaginary Skeleton Triceratops (Pre-Order Closed - July 2022 Release)

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From the Imaginary Skeleton series, which imagines "life" from the ancient memory of "fossil", Triceratops has appeared as the second orthodox skeleton model!
■ Overall length about 23 cm. A fixed skeleton model that captures the moment by imagining the natural movement of triceratops from the latest theory based on biology.
■ Dynamic poses that combine science and sculptural beauty, and details applied to the whole body. You can feel the "life" of dinosaurs while assembling.
■ Reproduce the dynamic pose that threatens the enemy by sticking out the corner of the head.
■ Reproduce the movement of the front legs verified from the latest theory.
■ Faithfully reproduce the irregularly arranged teeth in the shape like a grater that is characteristic of herbivorous dinosaurs. It also expresses fine details such as the dental battery structure.
■ The frills on the head are delicately reproduced, including cracks caused by stress fractures and traces of blood vessels.
■ As a mark when assembling, a concave mold is engraved in the center of the spine where similar shapes continue.
■ The pedestal with designs such as plants can be displayed in various ways, such as combining multiple triceratops and decorating them in a group, or arranging them side by side with "Imaginary Skeleton Tyrannosaurus" (sold separately) to create a confrontational composition.
■ A separate volume comes with a manual booklet supervised by dinosaur expert Kyoichi Tomita.

■ Instruction manual x 1
■ Manual booklet x 1
■ Dedicated pedestal x 1

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