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Widest Range of Awesome Kits in Our New Resupply!!!
Widest Range of Awesomeness in New Resupply!!!
Announcing Gundam Artifact BuildOff Competition!

Announcing Gundam Artifact BuildOff Competition!

Happy new week BuildForce! Here's our new competition, our Gundam Artifact BuildOff! 🤩

If you are into building and painting miniature model kits like Warhammer, then check out these mini Gunpla kits! Have a search for "Gundam Artifact" on our site for all the kits we got, over weekend we just released the latest kits from Volume 4! 👀

Check out this PDF file for full details to the competition!

Cut off date for Entering Starting Builds is Sunday 3rd March 2024
Link to the entry form:

Deadline for Entering Finished Builds is Sunday 17th March 2024
Link to the finished build form:

Good luck everyone, have fun and looking forward to seeing your builds! 🤗

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