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About Us


  1. Our Mission
  2. Our Vision, Our Just Cause
  3. Chat From Our Founders

Our Mission

Keep Building Joy.” - That is GUNPLA SA’s mission. We are inspired to share the joy and benefits of building Gundam plastic model kits as an awesome hobby!

We want to show that the hobby is suitable for everyone, it can be fun, creative, inclusive, and build people closer together.

We are more than just providing products, we are here to develop meaningful, lasting relationships and growing communities.

Our Vision, Our Just Cause

We provide great products and services that are suitable to both newcomers and experts. Building the platforms to connect people together through online & in person communities and events.

We strive to enrich people’s lives through the benefits of the model kit hobby. To develop and inspire the builder spirit in us all.

Chat From Our Founders

A video chat from our founders Jeff and Paul about GUNPLA SA and our origin story!

This was filmed during the weekend just before the launch of our website in December 2021. Enjoy!