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How do I join the GUNPLA SA Discord Community?

It's Super Easy To Join!

If you are based in South Africa. All you have to do is make a purchase of any product! As soon as your order has been picked up or is packed for the couriers to pick up, You will receive an email with your unique invite link to join! :D

Now are you an awesome person and bought the product/s for someone else or for multiple people? (You know who you are~) Talk to us and we will sort it out for you so that they can all join and build joy together in our Discord community!

"But what if I'm not in South Africa, I want to be part of the BuildForce community and can't buy something from the site?" No worries! Simply join our Patreon and you are in!

P.S. Our Patreon can also be another great way for South Africans to join our Discord community or just support us in general!