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Gundam Marker EX XGM03 Royal Metallic Red

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Royal Metallic Red, which GSI Creos says is "full of nobleness," is the newest color to be added to their high-grade Gundam Marker EX pen series! This easy-to-use paint marker will let you add color to your Gunpla and other model kits fast and easy!

Customer Reviews

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The Coolest Metallic Red

So i requested this one on the discord server specifically because it looked amazing online, and in the flesh, it does NOT disappoint even slightly.

Such a vivid and vibrant red with a metallic sheen that looks almost like the titanium finish epyon!
Absolutely an instant favorite right here!
In fact, i don't think the pics I've attached even do it justice.

When it's dry, it does darken quite a bit but it still retains that lovely red glow in the sun and under artificial lighting.
Very high gloss finish, spreads nicely across surfaces without much effort.
I am still testing but so far it seems to be ok even on ABS plastic, but this is something to check first on your end. :)