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Gundam Marker GM01 Black Fine-tip For Panel Lining

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Check out our very own tutorial on how to use these Gundam Markers for panel lines!

This is the most popular panel liner. Available in 3 colours.

Panel lining is the first step of GUNPLA customization beginners can try. It is a process of applying ink to each piece's grooves to improve the overall look and detail of your GUNPLA kit. It is easy to apply and the panel lined GUNPLA would look more realistic and 3-Dimensional. The effect is stronger when you choose the colour to ink according to the colour of the model parts. In general, you can use black for dark parts, gray for lighter parts and brown for red parts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Excellent pen

Excellent pen does exactly what they are designed for

R. M.
Great for bringing out detail

Easy to work with and looks really on darker colours of plastic! It uses a fineliner tip so it's best to work on this before you've painted a piece of plastic, but this is pretty much an essential piece for your arsenal.

Added detail on dark colors.

The black marker is by far the strongest-it covers instantly with no need to redo over lines,when used on the medium blue parts it really adds depth.can also be used on the lighter section of inner frames to fill the recesses-adding an aged look.overall great product and for me is a necessary tool

Loud Lungs
Must have basic tool

For those who want to bring out the fine details on the panels of your kits, this is a necessity for the toolkit. Can be used to line all panel colours, so if you are only looking to invest in just one marker then this is the one to get. Complimented well when used together with grey and brown markers to really add to your snap builds. If you aren't planning to paint your kit, then you definitely want one of these to truly show it off!