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Gundam Marker GM03 Brown Fine-tip (For Panel Lining)

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Check out our very own tutorial on how to use these Gundam Markers for panel lines!

This is the most popular panel liner. Available in 3 colours.

Panel lining is the first step of GUNPLA customization beginners can try. It is a process of applying ink to each piece's grooves to improve the overall look and detail of your GUNPLA kit. It is easy to apply and the panel lined GUNPLA would look more realistic and 3-Dimensional. The effect is stronger when you choose the colour to ink according to the colour of the model parts. In general, you can use black for dark parts, gray for lighter parts and brown for red parts.

Customer Reviews

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R. M.
Don't think you don't need this!

Brown is an underappreciated colour for first time kit builders, and this fineliner really helps bring out warmness from your brighter tones like red and yellow in a way that other colours like black can't.

You can smudge it to create a nice soft effect too, and easily remove it before it dries with a bit of water. Very versitile and super useful, one'll last you a long time so be sure to pick it up!

Loud Lungs
Excellent additional tool

Anyone looking to really get in deep with their panel lining definitely needs to get a brown marker to add to their collection of tools. Grey, and black are best suited to white, grey, or darker parts of your kit. The brown marker is best suited to red, yellow, and orange parts for that extra sense of realism. A must have if you really want your snap builds to look their best when on display, without using any paint.