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HG Gundam Aerial Rebuild

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Out of the Box Review from the awesome Mecha Gaikotsu!

The repaired version of the Gundam Aerial from "Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury" joins the HG model-kit lineup from Bandai! The shield can be separated into 11 bit staves which can connect to various parts of the Gundam; the shell unit is reproduced by combining in-mold parts, stickers and clear parts, and it can be built either in a lit-up or a non-lighted version. The beam parts are made with clear parts; the length of the barrel of the beam rifle, which is a new type of dedicated portable weapon, can be changed with parts replacement. Connect all the bit staves to the barrel to create the Gambit Rifle!


  • Beam saber (x2)
  • Beam rifle
  • Shield
  • Shell unit clear parts (x1 set)
  • Stickers

Note: This kit does not include an Action Base.

Customer Reviews

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Familiar, but Beautiful

While the build does feel awfully familiar, the upgraded rifle and backpack, which feels like a combination of the Mirasoul Flight unit and the Gundam Lfrith's backpack, does enough to stand out from the original Aerial.
And even though I would say the
standard version is still my favorite design when it comes to the Aerial, the Rebuild is definitely a beautiful kit.