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Widest Range of Awesome Kits in Our New Resupply!!!
Widest Range of Awesomeness in New Resupply!!!

HG Gundam Calibarn

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Out of the Box Review from the awesome ZakuAurelius!

From the latest Gundam series "Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch of Mercury", Gundam Calibarn has been made into HG!
■ The iridescent glow of the chest shell unit and antenna is reproduced by in-mold molding.
■ GundBit can be displayed in combination with 2 sets of Witch of Mercury weapon display bases (sold separately).
■ A long portable firearm, a variable rod rifle, is included as the main weapon.
■ White escutcheon is attached.
■ Display base for main body display is attached.

■ Beam rifle × 1
■ Shield × 1 set
■ Beam saber × 2
■ Display base × 1
■ Sticker × 1

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Shameeg Rajah
The True Witch from Mercury

This kit is the pinnacle of the Aerial gundam's evolution. Its such a fun kit to build, but unfortunately was frustrating when applying the chest sticker. Overall this is a kit I recommend to all builders and especially fans of Witch from Mercury.

Peak HG engineering

The gundam Calibarn is the last WFM HG kit released and it is the best in the line! Simple yet intricate,everything is colour seperated and almost has a full inner frame.
The joints are firm without being too tight and has no issues holding the huge variable rod rifle. The kit comes with a plethora of accessories including the "gund-bit shield" from aerial rebuild,has great permit effect parts and even comes with its own display base. It would be a crime not to include the Calibarn in any collection! The best HG out there! Great value for money.