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Widest Range of Awesomeness in New Resupply!!!

HG Hyaku-Shiki

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Out of the Box Review from the awesome Liam's Hobby Room!

Get inspired by this custom build from the super talented EA Gunpla!

HGUC kit number 200 turns out to be Mobile Suit Type 100, the Hyakushiki. This could be considered the Revive Hyakushiki as Bandai has engineered this new Hyakushiki using the designs from other kits in the revive series.  Hyakushiki comes with three different stickers for the eyes so you can choose your look as well as two Beam Sabers, a Beam Rifle, and the Clay Bazooka. All of which mount on the back of the MS when it's not using them.

Customer Reviews

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R. M.
King Cheese

The build is utterly fantastic, with the only essential stickers being for the eyes and camera's for the head/weapons, otherwise you can forgo the included red stickers since the parts peak through the gold plated armour. The articulation here is incredible, the build process is streamlined yet involved and runner separation is designed incredibly well.

You get the standard rifle, bazooka and beam saber combo here, but only two types of hands - two pairs of closed fist hands, and two pairs of open fist hands for holding weapons. It would've been cool to see at least one widespread posed hand, but what's here works well enough.

For nitpicks, the leg piston will have a tiiiiny visible gap and you'll need to tighten the wings slightly with something like nail polish, and oh man; unless you're happy with a block of cheese you're gonna need to paint this bad boy up (like I have, here).

That aside there's plenty of great things going on with this kit that absolutely make it worth your time!