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HG MAILeS Reiki Kai (Pre-Order Closed - June 2022 Release)

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1. Please note that the first release of this item may be limited, and in some cases it may not be possible to fill all orders at the time of its initial release. Any order not filled at the time of the initial release will be filled by subsequent restocks, but we recommend placing an order as soon as possible for your best chance to receive a piece from the first release!

2. Also please note that due to exchange rate fluctuations, pricing is subject to change, should the price go decrease you will be credited and should it increase, you will be given the option to pay the difference or request a full refund to the original purchase value.

3. Be mindful about ordering multiple pre-order items. Having multiple pre-order items of different release dates/months, your order will only be shipped once all items in your order have arrived.

After structural verification by KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN, Reiki's refurbished robot "Reiki Kai" is the fastest three-dimensional model in the HG series.

■ "Reiki Kai" on which Shishibe Shion will board in the second part of "Kyoukai Senki". By transplanting the autonomous thinking AI Nayuta, it has evolved into an robot that greatly exceeds the flight capability of the original robot, Reiki.
■ The wing equipped on the rear skirt is foldable and can be expanded and stored. The thrusters of each part are also rotatable, forming a large silhouette that exceeds the total height of the robot when deployed.
■ Super heat-shaking type Naginata Kai is equipped with a slide gimmick. It has been improved to a structure that is easy to carry.
■ A missile container is attached to the back. It is possible to attack in all directions.

■Super-thermal vibration type Naginata change × 1
■ Hand parts Flat hand (left and right), weapon handle (left and right), gun handle (right)
■ (Suspension type on the back) Multiple rocket launcher x 1 set
■ Foil sticker x 1

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