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Loads of Epic Kits in Our Latest Resupply!!!
Loads of Epic Kits in Our Latest Resupply!!!

HG Qubeley (Revive)

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Product Description:

■ From "Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam", "Qubeley" is now available as a kit in the latest format as the 6th "Reborn-REVIVE-"!
■ Reproduce the stylish design with sharp modeling with edgy and fine detail lines of 0.15 mm!
■ Four flexible shoulder binders with high mobility can reproduce impressive poses in the play!
■ A characteristic funnel is attached, and the beam saber parts can also be used as a beam gun firing effect!

Customer Reviews

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R. M.
Killer Queen

This mobile suit is like Zeta's crown jewel to me, so I'm happy to report what a perfect experience the HG revive version of this kit is.

This is definitely my favourite iteration of the Qubeley in model kit form. The proportions are rounded out nicely, the hands aren't as hulk-like as the MG and it's quite large for a 1/144 kit, with incredible shelf presence.

It's hefty but can still maintain it's certain of gravity on the ground, but REALLY shines in the air on an action base. The articulation is incredible across the board, with the binders able to move around in various ways and the neck able to really push itself for those stylish flying poses. you get two sets of hands here, with the holding hands being nice and bulky and the flat out posed hands being nicely detailed. You're also able to clip the posed hands to move them around individually for even more stylish poses!

This kit is an absolute beauty and a joy to build, with incredible part separation making the process a really smooth time. It Looks fantastic right out of the box too, with the pearly white finish having a striking quality to it in particular. I've just altered the metallic bits with a cast iron spray for some additional contrast and did some detailing with a gold Gundam marker here. The bits of detailing in the mold here are also really great and give this kit a degree of quality unlike a lot of HGs.

Really, the only nit-pick of this kit are the super tiny tear drop stickers that are recessed into the binders. Just take care to apply them with an ear ear bud, or simply paint those minor details in. This may sound annoying, but that's high praise considering even the Revive Zeta Gundam has some particularly garish stickers, meanwhile this kit is 99.9% plastic parts that click into place with ease.

Whether you're a fan of Haman's unique suit or just looking for something that has a great build process and fantastic poseability, you really can't beat this kit. It exudes elegance and excellence, just be sure to pick up an action base 5 with it!