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Widest Range of Awesomeness in New Resupply!!!

MG Char's Zaku II Ver.2.0

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Here's Char's Zaku II, getting a "Ver. 2.0" update more than a decade after its first MG kit release. This kit features a completely revamped inner frame construction that allows for even greater range of articulation and realistic movement; it's even able to be posed kneeling on one leg as seen in the show! Aside from the improved articulation, one of the major features of this kit is the incredible new molding process that has two different sections of the pipes molded together for easy slide assembly. Weapons include a Zaku machine gun, Zaku bazooka, and a heat hawk. Two types of blade antennas are included along with a lift vehicle to bring the included 1/100-scale standing Char Aznable (molded in red) to the cockpit.

Customer Reviews

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Impressive Mobility

The model kit has some of the best mobility I have seen in gundam model kits while also being quite sturdy despite its bulk. The weapon accessories can be a bit tricky to get into place and stay in its hands though. A great and fun build overall.