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MG Gundam Mk-II Ver.2.0 Titans

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We wouldn't have thought that Bandai could have improved on their Master Grade kit of the Gundam Mk-II (except, of course, with a PG version!) -- until we saw the Version 2.0 -- and here it is now in the long-awaited Titans colour scheme! Newly-designed joints allow it incredibly realistic posing -- especially in the legs. A tighter bend at the knee, and a joint that divides the heel and toe of the foot, provides better balance for ""action"" poses, and gives your Mk-II a realistic appearance when it's crouching, as though it's about to spring into action at any time! The kit is all molded in colour and snaps together; vinyl tubing is included for weapons detail. Also included are three scale figures (one pilot and two maintenance crew) for positioning around the Mk-II while it's "docked". Not just an improvement on the original kit, the Version 2.0 takes the Mk.II to a whole new level!

Customer Reviews

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Great introduction to Gunpla

This was my first Gunpla, but since I'm fairly experienced with other model kits, I didn't want to bother with any HG or even EG kits. Building was still very simple for the most part except one arm part I put in backwards - simple to dismantle and fix though since it's just push-fit.

Size and detail-wise these models are what I'd consider the ideal

The kit includes both transfers that are rubbed on to where you want them, as well as sticker decals - the stickers are a bit dissapointing as they have obvious borders that are easily visible. A few sticker 'boxes' are a bit larger than the recommended areas they are supposed to go, so needs to be cut down a little.

My only major complaint is that the hands initially seemed very cool since they are very poseable (Thumb and index finger are both on their own ball joint and can be put in almost any position - though no thumbs-up, other fingers are one fused piece with three ball joints able to move up and down), I quickly found out this means it can hardly hold onto anything as the fingers are way too loose. There is also a slot in the palm for holding weapons but they ca still easily fall out