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Mr. COLOR LEVELING THINNER is excellent for spray (airbrush) applicators.
Mixing Mr. COLOR LEVELING THINNER into Mr. COLOR at a ratio of 1:1 or 1:2 improves coat leveling and increases shine. When drying is slow because of insufficient air current during winter months, it is best to mix Mr. COLOR THINNER into Mr. COLOR LEVELING THINNER.
The mixture will be dry to the touch after a period of about 10 minutes.

About Mr. COLOR Paint Series
Mr. COLOR paint from Mr. HOBBY is one of the highest quality lacquer solvent-based acrylic paint in the world, with amazing tone, balance, adhesion and colour richness. This fast-drying paint is great for both hand brushing and airbrushing.

Thinning Recommendations
Thinned using Mr. COLOR THINNER, Mr. COLOR LEVELING THINNER or Mr. COLOR RAPID THINNER, with a thinning ratio for airbrushing from 1:1 to 1:2 (Paint to Thinner ratio).
Mr. COLOR LEVELING THINNER has added retarder over the standard Mr. COLOR THINNER, allowing for a smoother, enhanced finish.

Mr. COLOR RAPID THINNER is designed to reduce drying time, particularly when airbrushing.
This thinner also enhances metallic Mr. COLOR paints by allowing them to quickly dry before the metallic pigments settle resulting in an improved metallic finish.
However, it is not recommended for gloss colours as the reduced drying time may reduce the gloss effect.

Safety Warning
Solvent-based paint contains harmful fumes and air particulates when airbrushing. When working with paint of this type, please ensure your workspace is well ventilated and a suitable paint respirator must be worn at all times.

Check out the in depth tutorial from the awesome Barbatos Rex! How To Use Mr. Color Lacquer Paints - Brush & Airbrush Technique

Customer Reviews

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Painting made easy

The levelling thinners works as advertised-its a slow reducer meaning the paint has more time to flow before still dries fast.
Excellent product is my go to thinners and use it in all clear coat applications