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Loads of Epic Kits in Our Latest Resupply!!!
Loads of Epic Kits in Our Latest Resupply!!!

Mr. SUPER CLEAR UV Cut Gloss 170ml

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Many modelers have had the experience of not only direct ultraviolet light from the sun but also indoor sources such as fluorescent light fading the paint on their projects. Mr. SUPER CLEAR UV CUT series is special clear coating that reduces the effects of ultraviolet light. Use this coating to preserve your long hours of painting. (This product is made especially for the Mr. Color series and cannot be used over water-based paints and decals.)

Safety Warning
Solvent-based paint contains harmful fumes and air particulates when spraying. When working with paint of this type, please ensure your workspace is well ventilated and a suitable paint respirator must be worn at all times.

Check out the official tutorial from GSI Creos! Quick and simple to understand! 

Customer Reviews

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Easy protection

Convenient spray can saves time over cleaning airbrush etc..
Very easy to apply,great build and dries very hard.
Great gloss finish when 2 coats applied but gives a great semi gloss when apllied 1coat over certain laquer paints..
So good and time saving i buy 2 at a time.
Great probuct!