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Oh Yeah! Sanding Sponge Sticks

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We have always been searching for a better way to get the job done! Whether it is a curve surface, or an uneven surface, or material that are hard to sand, we at MAD strive to offer a complete product solution.

Not only our products must be fun to use, but more importantly, they are effective and efficient.

We already offer self-adhesive sand papers, sanding sponges, mini-sanding disc, 2000/3000 polishing sponges, as well as 5mm durable sponges in our product lineup. We notice, however, we lack something that can efficiently take care of curve or uneven surfaces.

Until Now!!!

Introducing MAD Sanding Sponge Stick (a.k.a. Oh Yeah!). As always, we tested and tested, until we are satisfied with the result before offering this product to the market.

Give it a try, and I guaranty you will scream “Oh Yeah!” too.

Standard Combo Pack comes with 1x #400/#600/#800/#1000 each. Refill Pack comes with 4x of the selected grit.

Whether you are building KOG, or F14, or our beloved gunpla. These sanding sponge sticks surely will amaze you!!

Let me share with you our experience during the past few months of testing. If you work mostly with curve surfaces (eg., KOG, Zaku), get the Combo Pack! If you are using regular sand paper for your prep work, finish sanding with #800/#1000 before proceed to painting.

The printed grit number is for reference only. The actual grit density may vary.

  • #400: #320 <> #400
  • #600: #500 <> #600
  • #800: #600 <> #800
  • #1000: #1000 <> #1200

Oh Yeah! is a very affordable product. If you prefer an exact grit density, this product is not for you. You should look for something else ^^

MAD Oh Yeah! is really a handy product. Please give it a try. Thank you!!

Customer Reviews

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Breda Weise
Madworks are awesome

These softer sticks make it easy to sand round surfaces and corners