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RG Nu Gundam

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Who wants to read?! Check out these lekker videos on this product! Enjoy!

Our very own Jeff "Dr. Kelga" snap building for a music build video!

Satisfying ASMR build from the awesome Gio San Pedro! This is Part 1 of the collab with Studio G!

Part 2 of the collab! Get inspired by this custom build from the super talented Studio G!

Official promo video with more product information in action.

Amuro Ray's Nu Gundam gets an RG kit release from Bandai! Its distinctive colors are carefully reproduced, including three shades of light gray to increase the visual depth. The shoulder and abdomen joints are fully flexible to give it increased posability, and the shoulder armor can also flex with more dynamic posing. The leg armor can slide with the movement of each joint, too. It's fully armed with its beam rifle, hyper bazooka, missiles and more!


  • Beam rifle
  • Fin funnel (x6)
  • New hyper bazooka
  • Shield (beam cannon)
  • Beam saber (backpack & arm) (x2 -- 1 each)
  • Missiles (1 set)

Note: This kit does not include an Action Base.

Customer Reviews

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Jonny Nates
Couldn't recommend this kit enough!!

This was my first Gunpla build ever, and I couldn't have asked for a better first experience. This kit is amazing in every regard; the details, the build quality, the posability, the weapon selection. What more could you ask for! The base kit is beautiful enough as is, but enhancing the details with panel lining really makes the kit shine.

The only complaints I have about this kit, is that the backpack and shield connections are a bit weak, I sometimes find these pieces sliding off/ disconnecting while moving the Gunpla. I'm not sure if it's a staple with other Gunpla kits but it is definitely something that stands out to me.

Otherwise, amazing kit, 10/10 would recommend to anyone!