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Widest Range of Awesome Kits in Our New Resupply!!!
Widest Range of Awesomeness in New Resupply!!!

Single Blade Nipper

Original price R1,199.00 - Original price R1,199.00
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R1,199.00 - R1,199.00
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Product Description:

One of Madworks' most popular products in 2020. Sharp blade makes removing parts from runners a bliss.

Precautions for use

  • Children under the age of 14 need to be accompanied by their parents.
  • Do not drop heavy metal precision tools.
  • This product is tool steel, please use silicon oil or anti-rust oil regularly to maintain the blade body to avoid rust.
  • It is recommended to cut only the sprue of plastic parts.
  • Only plastic cylinders with a diameter below 3mm can be cut.
  • Do not cut hard materials (nylon, transparent plastic, fiberglass, etc.)
  • Do not cut metal rods.
  • Do not cut the GK nozzle and transparent parts.
  • Do not cut at the front end when operating, it is recommended to use the middle and back cutting to avoid blade breakage.
  • Do not twist the diagonal pliers when cutting to avoid breaking the blade.

Official promo video with more product information in action and also - Everything you need to know about nippers!! (Turn on subtitles~)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
For the smoothest cutting feel, nothing feels better than this

R1200 for nippers. Sounds absurd, right? But after speaking to some friends--who recoiled in disgust at the sidecutters I was using to inflict trauma on my Gundam kits--I decided to take a chance.

And by Odin's beard, what a difference these make! Sure, you can get a clean cut with more generic gear, but these Madworks nippers makes the experience pleasurable. They're the equivalent of a hot knife through butter or a lightsaber on Luke Skywalker's wrist, they just effortlessly cut through the plastic with zero resistance.

It just makes the art and act of assembling all your pieces that much more satisfying. That buttery-smooth process, words don't adequately sum up how sublime it feels. You have to experience it for yourself.

Madworks single blade nippers

Using these nippers made me feel like the others I used must be broken. The price may seem like it's alot but really it is that good of a nipper, 4X the entry Bandai nipper? Yea it kinda is!