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Widest Range of Awesome Kits in Our New Resupply!!!
Widest Range of Awesomeness in New Resupply!!!

MG Gundam Epyon EW Ver.

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R2,099.00 - R2,099.00
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Who wants to read?! Check out this lekker video on this product! Enjoy!

Out of the Box Review from the awesome Mecha Gaikotsu!

The Epyon is molded in this gorgeous color and features expandable wings, moveable hand claws, and even the 'Dragon Mouth' opening on its feet!  But best of all, MG Epyon is able to change shape into its flying form thanks to a uniquely designed skirt.  Even the Epyon's flexible heat rod is included.

Customer Reviews

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The King of Dragons!! Love it!

This guy right here has absolutely insane detail and the sheer amount of parts that can be moved into custom positions is mental!
The entire visual aesthetic is amazing, even more so when you transform it into it's dragon form. Very much loving it!

However there are two things I found to be rather challenging, Firstly almost all the stickers included are water stickers. Unfortunately the instruction book is booth almost fully Japanese (although still simple enough to understand when building) and doesn't really show where to place them. However there are enough pictures included to get the general idea placement wise.
The second thing is this model actually has so many moving parts that it almost scares me to touch it, but that in itself is also one of the cool parts hehe.

Overall I absolutely love this model and I might still come back to it later for further customization.