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Check Our Most Epic Resupply!

30MM Option Parts Set 04 (Sengoku Armor)

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Here's an optional armor set for the mass-produced machine Spinatio, recently added to the 30MM series! This armor, in the image of the Sengoku period, expands the range of customization. There are two types of head parts: a warrior type and an Ashigaru type. The bellows unit with joints built in between the parts can be rearranged to reproduce the rocket form; armor for the front, rear, side, large shoulder parts, a dragon head, etc. are all included. It can also be installed on the Alto, Porta Nova and other 30MM figures.


  • Bellows unit
  • Front, rear, side armor parts
  • Large shoulders
  • Ashigaru head parts
  • Warrior head parts
  • Elbow parts (x2)
  • Dragon head

Note: This kit does not include an Action Base.

Customer Reviews

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Breda Weise
Take your spinatio to the next level

These chunky armour pieces are amazing ! Love the shield that also doubles up as an alternate head. Check the pic!