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Action Base 4 Clear

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Assemble your own display stand for your Gundams and other mecha model kits!  This new base from Bandai features three bases, each 2.8cm by 2cm, that can all interlock to form one base, each with lots of openings for support poles.  A long support pole 11cm in length is included, as are joint parts and other support parts.  Perfect for larger kits like Master Grades and RE/100! This version is clear.

Customer Reviews

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Rishen Velen
The multifunction base

Was hesitant with the base at first, but found its more versatile and durable, with the right add-ons one can add 3 Gunplas at a time or mix and match, there is no limitation to it

Cool base

Easy to assemble stand, great for almost any bandai model kit

R. M.
Stand Power

I would have to say that for value, this is the best of Bandai's stands. The arms are longer than the action base 5 and it comes with additional plates, meaning you can actually pose two kits away from each other on their own stand!

It also has a more dynamic additional arm than the action base 5, and can of course can support a master grade kit.

This is the clear winner here, so pick this up or get one in black!

If it works it works!

What can I say? This stand set just does the job perfectly. I'd highly recommend getting one. Hell, get two! Then you can start waging a war between all your gunpla on one multi-stand!