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Action Base 5 Black

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Assemble your own display stand for your Gundams and other mecha model kits! This new base from Bandai features a base, measuring 2.8cm by 2cm, with lots of openings for support poles. A short support pole 7cm in length is included, as are joint parts and other support parts. Perfect for smaller 1/144 scale kits like HG and Real Grades! This version is black in color.

Customer Reviews

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Incredible Stand

Whether you just want your Gunpla standing firmly or to do a striking action pose, this is simply one of the best options out there for 1/144 kits! The base is super stable and when attached, the arm itself boasts incredible flexibility for your model kit to do all kinds of poses.

The customizability of this base is excellent. Separating the arm even allows you to display two 1/144 kits on the base out of the box, and the variety of attachment components means you always have what you need to support sub-weapons and other model kits.

You'll be assembling this base stand yourself, and it's a great way to ease yourself into using nippers on runners if it's your first time using them. The stand is exceedingly simple to build and an essential tool for displaying your work with confidence.