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EG Strike Gundam

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Who wants to read?! Check out this lekker video on this product! Enjoy!

Out of the Box Review from the awesome ZakuAurelius!

The Strike Gundam is now part of Bandai's Entry Grade model-kit lineup! Its bold and excellent parts division and color-coding makes it easy to assemble, with just 79 parts and no need for paint or stickers. The runner placement is easy to understand, and the parts can be removed by hand -- nippers are not necessary! It easily supports bold action poses with its large range of movement; a beam rifle and shield are included in its equipment.


  • Beam rifle
  • Shield

Note: This kit does not include an Action Base.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Taariq Chetty

This kit is great for the price you pay. Simple to build and understand. Looks wise, it's great. However, the articulation is a bit lacking compared to the Rx-78-2. The waist is a little loose on my kit.

Jarryd Kalideen

Look, massive Gundam fan for a few decades, always wanted a gunpla or even a figurine. However, useless at modeling and these were tough to come by. Found GunplaSA, problem solved.

This was fun to build, took me around an hour while being very careful, although it is difficult to mess up or break the parts. You really need zero experience which is wonderful.

Of course, this will never rival the higher end kits, but as a keepsake and something to add to your desk or display cabinet - it's a great, affordable gunpla. An easy entrance to the modeling/gunpla world.

Next up I'd like to try the next grade up.

A great starting point

Is my first gunpla kit and I was amazed at the level of detail and articulation. I had lots of fun building it and I can already tell this will be a great addiction

Stacey Timms
Perfect for beginners

Quite a fun build. No tools required. Perfect for beginners. Figure is posable aswell.

EG Strike Gundam

My first gunpla kit after getting into the world of Gundam, and I have to say, I fully enjoyed it! Definitely recommend this kit or any of the other EG kits if you're on the fence about getting into the gunpla hobby as it's at an extremely affordable price to help you decide, and the end product looks great. Was fun and easy to build, no tools required. My only 'issues' with this kit was that posing wasn't too easy, the model isn't too articulate in certain areas, and it's slightly smaller than I was expecting. Definitely going to get more kits in the future though 😁