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Figure-rise Standard Amplified Alphamon (Pre-Order Closed - September 2022 Release)

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From "DIGITAL MONSTER X-evolution", "Alphamon" are lined up in the Amplified series!
■ The total height is about 195 mm.
■ Intuitive assembly is possible for each part without making the division line stand out as much as possible by precise parts division.
■ The booster on the back is equipped with a plastic model original fin movable.
■ The cloak is based on the idea of ​​AMPLIFIED, and is arranged with expressions that can be done because it is an ultra-thin PET sheet.
■ In consideration of expandability as a plastic model, connection holes for expansion are placed in various places.
■ Includes an effect PET sheet of "Digitalize of Soul" with "Sacred Sword Gray Dalfer" and an arrangement unique to the plastic model.

■ Holy Sword Gray Dalfer x 1
■ Hand parts x 1 set
■ PET sheet x 2 types
■ Sticker x 1
■ Jewel seal x 1 set

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