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Widest Range of Awesomeness in New Resupply!!!

MG Gundam Barbatos

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Out of the Box Review from the awesome ZakuAurelius!

Get inspired by this custom build from the super talented Studio G!

From "Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans", arrives the fourth form of the main Gundam Barbatos, as an MG!

The internal mechanisms such as the Gundam from and Ahab Reactors, have been thoroughly recreated. Features excellent color separation, improved dynamic movement gimmicks, and plentiful option parts.

Barbatos' fourth form colors have been replicated with precision, and the internal parts such as the Gundam frame have been carefully crafted to match their appearance in the series. The cylinders in the frame employ silver plating for extra detail, and the chest features a gimmick to allow rotation of the Ahab Reactors for the first time in an MG.

The inner frame, cylinders, and armor are linked by a moveable axis in the upper body to improve posing ability. Barbatos' knees also move in conjunction with their cylinders, expanding range of motion and offering a natural look when standing. Left to right movement of the waist has been articulated to allow for distinct down-facing posing, too.

In addition to the wealth of possibilities in the kit itself, the weapon parts also feature satisfying gimmicks, such as a sliding and folding gimmick on the glide gun.

Add this impressive MG to your own lineup and enjoy all the intricate posing options it has to offer!


  • Mace x1
  • Sword x1
  • 300mm glide gun x1
  • Foil stickers x1
  • Marking stickers x1

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

My favourite ms,it is detailed like a perfect grade,very asturdy and solid. The functional pistons really make it look like an actual ms. A beautiful kit even if just snapped together but really shines when doing paintwork. An awesome must have

jp Naude
Raise your Flag!

This is a great kit for any IBO fan to add Barbatos to your collection! The inner frame has great detail and so many small touches that it actually feels wrong to cover it up with the armour!
There are some joints that are a bit loose and might require you to tighten them up a bit, but nothing that is really a big problem.
The kit is great fun to pose and photograph, but should come with a warning that it will leave you wanting more.

Eva-Maria Dinwoodie
Had a blast building Barbatos

Just finished building this Master Grade Gundam Barbatos and I'm so proud of myself because it is the first gundam I've ever built after only building kid Pokémon model kits 😎🥳 loved this it was so fun to built I really enjoyed it I love the colours and the way the limbs move and the different weapon options

A robust, rough and tumble Master Grade of a Robust Rough and Tumble Gundam.

The Barbatos is one of the more unique designs in the Gundam universe and this kit is no exception.

The inner detail is gorgeous and you'll really have a lot of fun seeing it all come together as you build it.
Barbatos has a strong game when it comes to posing and it doesn't take much to make this kit look like the wild beast from the Anime.

I highly recommend the Barbatos for those of us that enjoy weathering their kits and for those who love the fun mechanical details that Bandai often includes in their master grade kits.

oh! and one more thing. The Barbatos is also in my opinion, a great entry-level Mg in that for as complicated and intricate as it's design is, this kit is actually a very simple build.