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MG Gundam Kyrios

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Out of the Box Review from the awesome ZakuAurelius!

Get inspired by this custom build from the super talented Studio G!

From "Gundam 00" Bandai brings us their newest MG Gundam Kyrios Gunpla kit! This kit features a special stability for excellent balance, and the hand parts can be bent inward while holding the wireless grip in MA mode for unique and special handiwork. The GN beam submachine gun can connect to the arm joint and is fully replaceable. A wireless grip can be connected to two weapons, creating a set, and the shield can enter different modes. 


  • GN Beam Submachine Gun
  • GN Hand Missile Unit x2
  • Wireless Grip x2
  • GN Beam Saber x2
  • GN Shield
  • Foil sticker
  • Marking sticker
  • PP Sheet

Note: This kit does not include an Action Base.

Customer Reviews

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Transformer in disguise

How many MG kits with good transformations can you think of? I'll wait... Not a whole bunch come to mind, ey?
The MG Kyrios has a pretty decent transformation (just don't look at it from below). The reason I say it's "decent" is because these type of transformations has always been a bit bad, but the Kyrios' is pretty good in comparison to other transformable kits.
Another problem with transformable kits is that Bandai usually skips out a bit on the overall stability of the kit in order to make it transformable, but this is definitely not the case with the Kyrios.
This kit looks soooo good, from the design to the colour, to all the transparent and holographic parts.

- Great EVERYTHING! (articulation, design, details, transformation, you name it and it's great!)
- Doesn't fall apart like some other transformable kits

- A bit difficult to handle with all the pointy bits sticking out