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MG Mobile Ginn

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Out of the Box Review from the awesome ZakuAurelius!

He also did a custom build!

Cosmic Era's mass-produced Mobile Ginn from "Mobile Suit Gundam Seed' is now available as an MG model kit from Bandai! It features the MG series' internal frame configuration, and the mechanical design of its characteristic backpack is impossible to miss. The backpack moves up and down, and also swings backward for a wide range of movement; the heavy sword is newly designed, and the handle of the triple short-range guided missile launcher pod can be pulled out. Four magazines and one magazine rack are also included; one magazine can be attached to the rifle, and the remaining three can be attached to the rack.


  • Heavy sword
  • 76mm heavy assault machine gun
  • Magazine rack
  • Missile pod (x2)
  • Interchangeable hands (left and right)
  • Facial expression hand parts (left and right, 3 types each)
  • Foil seals
  • Marking stickers
Note: This kit does not include an Action Base.

Customer Reviews

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Can’t go wrong with a Grunt.

Solid build model kit. No shaky loose parts when assembled. Strong joints for really good articulation, you won’t have body parts and weapons drooping down and falling off. The colour separation on the design looks great and my favourite thing about this model
Kit is the super sick backpack wing thing he’s got. Looks best when you prop it up with an action base.