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Loads of Epic Kits in Our Latest Resupply!!!
Loads of Epic Kits in Our Latest Resupply!!!

MG Tallgeese EW Ver.

Original price R1,599.00 - Original price R1,599.00
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R1,599.00 - R1,599.00
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Product Description:

Gunpla fans rejoice, Bandai has released the Tallgeese EW version!  Includes gimmicks in the thrusters and the head camera and includes that massive rifle and shield that Tallgeese wields with ease.

Note: This kit does not include an Action Base.

Customer Reviews

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Justin Bosman

First off, I want to really applaud GunplaSA for their absolutely stellar service and how awesome the people there are.
Regarding the Tallgeese MG:
I adore how simple yet effective the design for the suit was buildwise, the spring for the gun and the rotating bit for the gun and shield storage, the waist parts and (my favourite part of all the Gunpla I've built so far: The Legs. Mmm. I love the knee joints and armor and how it bends and all that jazz. The sculpt is really well done too, absolute quality stuff. I'm still somewhat new to this hobby, only having built 6 suits, and still learning how to pose properly and build efficiently. All the parts fit so well and the intuitive design of the manual and suit in general was awesome, I do wish the manual had a list of what plastic part grids you needed per part but that's just due to my poor workplace management. Stickers I've never bothered with personally. I have used a Gunpla Panel Line marker and its getting work done. My Tallgeese, RX78 and Char Zaku II look amazing due to it.
But yeah, as a newbie to the hobby, I adore this, and y'all are great for providing, both GunplaSA and Bandai.

Good overall with one minor downside

The build was fun overall with the exception of the barrel of the gun, which is done in an exceedingly questionable way. Aside from that, it's pretty good.