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Widest Range of Awesome Kits from Our New Resupply!

Whether you are looking for a newly released kit, or a classic. From something simple to start your building journey, or something big for your collection. We got you!
Let's see what's in this resupply!

Full Range of Vallejo Mecha Color!!!

The BuildForce have been asking for more Vallejo Mecha Color paints. Finally, WE HAVE RACK OF THE FULL RANGE! We have waited a looong time for them. Hope you guys dig them!
Yebo yes!!! LET'S GOOO!!!

Join Our Lekker Discord Community!

A welcoming and safe place for all builders! Where we can hang out and express our love for the hobby. Let's build the local GUNPLA community together! International builders are welcomed too!
How do I join!? I'm international and want to join!
BuildForce Unite

Join our Discord community!

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R100 anywhere in SA!

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Awesome New Tools & Paints from MADWORKS & Mr. HOBBY!